MePIS OPEX – Advanced Platform for Operational Excellence in Life Science Manufacturing

MePIS OPEX is a cutting-edge software solution that forms the basis for
improvements of productivity in the life science production. It is a web-based
platform that enables users to uncover and address hidden losses in production.
Moreover, it allows instant communication among key stakeholders about events
in production events, which translates into shorter reaction times and improved

MePIS OPEX comprises from several modules, like downtime detection and
classification engine, KPI calculation engine, production dashboards, and data
visualization, as well as advanced reporting, analytics and AI modules. 

Putting all modules together, it provides
numerous indispensable features:

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Automatic data collection. MePIS OPEX automatically collects data
from the production lines, like product count and equipment downtime, as well
as data from MES/ERP systems, minimizing manual inputs and the probability of
human errors.

Automatic downtime detection and classification. The system
automatically records downtime events (including minor stops) and enables their
classification through multiple classification levels (automatic or manual),
providing crucial information for identifying production loss factors.

Production events’ recording. Users can manually add or edit production
events in the system to ensure that the recorded data reflects the reality of
production process.

OEE KPIs. MePIS OPEX calculates KPIs for OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
and 6 Big losses – well-established indicators for measuring production

Custom KPIs and metrics. In addition to the standard OEE KPIs, the
software offers the possibility of configuring and calculating custom KPIs and

Adjusted dashboards for operators, supervisors, and managers. The system
includes dashboards with specific information for different stakeholders to
help improve decision-making on the operational, tactical and strategic levels.

Alarms and notifications. Users can configure automatic alerts and
notifications (via SMS or email) when critical production events occur.

Reporting. In addition to
predefined reports included in the software, users can configure advanced,
custom reports.

AI-powered analytics. The basic software can be upgraded with automatic identification of
anomalies in KPIs and root cause analysis powered by AI algorithms.

Audit trail and electronic signature. A comprehensive audit trail can be implemented on each user action as well as electronic signatures.

Motivating TV Screens. They provide
information on the current state of production and the achievement of plans and
motivate line workers. 

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