Execution System

Establish control over production processes and materials

MePIS MES is modular Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software for managing and monitoring operations on the shop floor. With its various modules, it provides a broad range of functionalities, including work order management, material flow control / traceability, labelling, quality management and operational reporting & analytics, weigh and dispense, production workflows, production planning and equipment parameter management. It can also seamlessly integrate with other (analytical) MePIS modules (e.g. OPEX, PDM). MePIS

MES can easily integrate into existing IT infrastructure and connect to production data sources on one hand and to ERP on the other for bidirectional communication (depending on the choice of modules for implementation).

MePIS MES enhances the quality and transparency of production and forms the basis for paperless production and better regulatory compliance. It provides a comprehensive overview of production to users whenever, wherever, using their favorite device (computer, tablet or mobile).


MePIS MES LS is Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software specifically tailored to the requirements of the life science industry. In addition to all the standard MES functionalities, it provides the specific functionalities vital for life science production (e.g. full MBR/EBR functionality).

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