The Finnish company Vacon, which has been a part of the Danfoss Group since 2015, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of frequency converters (AC drives) designed to regulate and control induction motors and permanent magnet motors. Vacon's frequency converters feature robustness, user-friendly interface, modularity and extremely small dimensions. The values that Vacon swear by are superior quality, care for the user and the environment, fast and efficient distribution and quality service.

Vacon 100

The new Vacon 100 series of AC drives is suitable for a wide range of complex industrial applications where there is a need for constant power and torque. The Vacon 100 is available for power from 1.1 to 630 kW (400V) in IP00, IP21 and IP54 enclosures and has varnished circuit boards with electronic components that allow installation in environments with high condensation levels. The I / O signal card, RS485 and Ethernet interface came as a standard, expandable with up to three additional I / O or communication cards, and include many special features for dedicated applications. The built-in PLC functionality, using IEC61131-1 programming languages, allows for the free programming of additional functions.
serija frekvencnih pretvornikov Vacon 100
frekvencni pretvornik Vacon 100 FLOW

Vacon 100 FLOW

Vacon 100 FLOW is the latest frequency converter designed to control pumps and fans in the industry, building automation and drinking and waste water systems. The Vacon 100 FLOW combines the main features of the Vacon 100 with additional, purpose-built features. The new Vacon 100 FLOW line is available in the power range between 1.1 and 630 kW (400V) in IP00, IP21 or IP54 version.
Built-in applications such as PID, HVAC, Multipump have predefined parameter sets for easy setup and startup. The graphical display allows you to monitor 9 values simultaneously, as well as graphically displaying two signals. In addition to standard input signals, a wide range of optional expansion cards is available to ensure that the needs of the most demanding users are met.
The Vacon 100 FLOW has RS485 and Ethernet interfaces already built in, and with the addition of communication cards we have virtually all the current communication protocols available (Modbus RTU, Profibus, LonWorks, Modbus TCP, Profinet, BACNet, CAN…) for easy integration into all automation systems .

Vacon 100 X

The VACON 100 X series, intended for use in very aggressive environments (water, dust, vibration, aggressive particles), is only available in IP66 enclosures and is available for power up to 30 kW. The built-in advanced control algorithms ensure accurate process control. Integrated PLC functionality enables complex motor control. The Vacon 100 X is the ideal solution for demanding applications of machine control, conveyor systems, pumps, fans and in applications where high vibrations occur.
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Kompaktni frekvencni pretvornik serije Vacon 20

Vacon 20

In addition to the all mostly used functions the Vacon 20 compact frequency inverters, available for power from 0.25 kW to 18.5 kW, include PLC functionality providing the necessary flexibility to allow more complex machine control. Vacon 20 converters are ideal for controlling pumps, fans, conveyors, packaging and washing machines.

Vacon 20 X

Vacon 20 X frequency converters come in the IP66 housing for optimum protection against environmental influences (dust, water). They are available for power from 0.75kW to 7.5kW with standard functionality and many additional options. The option of a main switch already integrated into the frequency converter housing represents a significant saving on installation costs. Vacon 20 X frequency converters are ideal for outdoor and decentralized applications.
Frekvencni pretvornik Vacon 20 X
Frekvencni pretvorniki serije Vacon NXP

Vacon NXP

The NXP series is designed for applications requiring greater input and output scalability They are available up to 3.2 MW and supply voltages of 208-690 V and intended for applications requiring high robustness, dynamic response and high precision speed control. They provide closed-loop vector control and complete torque control at extremely low or zero speeds and rounds. Together with the current measurement system, the NXP series converters also have the ability to control and use additional feedback information from motors. The AC drives are available in IP00, IP 21 and IP 54 versions, and all feature high-performance EMC filters, which allow the installation of frequency inverters in different environments.

Vacon NXP – water cooled

Vacon NXP - water cooled Inverters are the smallest water-cooled AC drives on the market. They are suitable for use in applications where space is limited - e.g. shipbuilding.
They are available for 5.5 kW to 5.6 MW and 380 to 690 VAC and can be used in industrial processes, paper mills, mines and ironworks.
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