TOSIBOX® technology replaces the currently available cloud-based connection methods and the site and supplier-specific tailored remote connections with a Plug & Go™, easy-to-use, secure and cost-effective solution that can be deployed by anyone in a few minutes, also without extensive IT skills.
The solution turns an internet connection between two devices into an encrypted and automatic point-to-point connection. Only trusted devices can be a part of two-way communication. Firewalls do not need to be opened. The owner of the TOSIBOX® Lock and Key pair can be sure that the data and the connections are completely secured, and never stored on any third-party server.


TOSIBOX® Key is an intelligent crypto processing device in a shape of USB key that enables a secure connection between computer and TOSIBOX® Locks, giving full visibility and control over the devices in secure network.
Inteligentna kriptografska naprava TOSIBOX Key
TOSIBOX Lock 100 inteligentna naprava


TOSIBOX® Lock is an industry router that accepts remote connections from matched Keys and creates private and secure access to connected network devices. The network devices that are connected to the Lock´s LAN port are automatically found. The Lock automatically distributes IP addresses for the Keys, Sub Keys and the network devices connected to LAN port(s) of the Lock. The Lock can also control network devices with fixed IP addresses.

Different types of Locks available:

TOSIBOX® Lock 100: VPN max. 6Mbit/s, max. 10 VPN conn., 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x RJ-45 WAN, 3 x RJ-45 LAN, 1 x RJ-45 Service conn., WLAN, support 2G/3G/4G USB mobile modems.

TOSIBOX® Lock 200: VPN max. 15Mbit/s, max. 50 VPN conn., 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x RJ-45 WAN PoE, 3 x RJ-45 LAN, 1 x RJ-45 Service conn., support 3G/4G USB mobile modems.
TOSIBOX® Lock 500: VPN max. 90Mbit/s, max. 50 VPN conn., 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x RJ-45 WAN, 3 x RJ-45 LAN, 1 x RJ-45 LAN/Service conn., WLAN, 2 x digital in., 2 x digital out, LTE dual SIM

TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock

TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock is a licensed software product that runs on customer's own server or virtualization platform and scales easily from just a few connections up to hundreds or thousands. It turns TOSIBOX® ecosystem into a controlled IoT network of always-on VPN connections for remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and data logging. The Virtual Central Lock cuts centralized access management work into minutes, enabling easy management of big networks without special IT skills.
Centralno vozlisce, TOSIBOX Central Lock
tosibox lock for container

TOSIBOX® Lock for Container

TOSIBOX® Lock for Container is a software-only solution. It enables users to integrate IPCs, HMIs, PLCs, controllers or other devices into TOSIBOX® ecosystem. Any service running on the host or, if configured, on the LAN devices can be accessed over the VPN tunnel such as Remote Desktop Connection (RDP), web services (WWW), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure Shell (SSH). LAN side access must be supported and enabled on the host device for this to work. No user input is required after setup, TOSIBOX® Lock for Container runs silently in the system background. It runs on any 64-bit Linux OS supported by Docker software (such as CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu or Debian) with Docker Engine.

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