OPTO 22 is established manufacturer of robust I/O units and distributed control systems for industrial automation. With the concept of robustness and long-term reliability, the company is worldwide present with their Ethernet based solutions in many branches of the industry.

Groov EPIC Edge Programmable Industrial Controller

Groove EPIC represents the new generation of the industrial control system from OPTO 22. It is a unique system that combines the features of a modular controller, display panel and communication device with the ability of secure connection to the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) network. Groove EPIC has a powerful quad core processor, two independent Ethernet interfaces and two USB serial communication ports. The device incorporates also a high resolution touch screen, which can be used as a display panel or perform a function of system configuration and diagnostics. An additional HDMI output also allows direct connection to an optional external display. OPTO 22 offers also complete new set of high density (up to 24 points) I/O modules with the possibility of hot swapping during operation. The robust design of the control system allows operation in harsh environments in the temperature range between -20 and 70 ° C.

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prikaz snap- pac s industrijskega krmilniškega procesorja


SNAP PAC s is a standalone industrial control processor unit. With its high processing power, communication capabilities and large memory, controller can manage the most demanding processes. It can communicate with all OPTO22 Ethernet input/output units (PAC EB1, PAC EB2) and programmable input/output processors (PAC R1, PAC R2) in the network.

Controller has two separated Ethernet interfaces, which allows physical separation of process control network from supervision/information network. Two PAC S2 controllers can be configured as redundant control system. Controller also provides serial RS 232/RS485 communication ports where old OPTO 22 G4 serial I/O units can be connected.

Controller accommodates 32 MB of RAm, 16 MB of Flash EEPROM and 8 MB of battery-backed RAM. Its powerful CPU can run up to 32 flowcharts simultaneously.


SNAP PAC R programmable input/output processor combines the features of an I/O unit and a controller processor in one device. It comes with a powerful processor, 16 MB of RAM, 8 MB of Flash EEPROM memory and 2 MB of battery-backed RAM. With these features, it is also suitable to control complex processes.

PAC R can also exchange data with other Ethernet I/O units and standalone PAC S processors on the network. Its two independent Ethernet interface also allow redundant configuration of control systems. In addition to all standard SNAP I/O modules, PAC R allows connection of up to eight serial communication modules on the backplane. This is a unique solution, which simplifies implementation of non-standard protocols. PAC R is also available with an additional WLAN interface.

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Snap PAC EB is an intelligent Ethernet I/O unit with communication processor. It can communicate with other PAC R1 and PAC S processors, or directly to PC providing an effective data capture system. User can access PAC EB I/O units through a build-in web server. This allows access and parametrisation of all I/O and PID modules on the rack from a standard browser and transfer of user HTML documents. SNAP EB WLAN I/O processor with built-in flexible antenna also allows radio transmission (2.4 GHz) of data between systems. For connection to old OPTO 22 systems communication processors with serial communication ports (SANP B3000 B) are also available.

SNAP Input-output modules

SNAP family of I/O modules provides complete range of analogue, digital and serial communication modules with two RS 232 or RS 485 interfaces. Digital I/O modules are optically isolated up to 4000 V and allow connection of up to four signals. Analogue modules can have two, four or eight channels. In addition, two channel I/O modules with galvanic isolation between channels are available. Variety of available I/O modules covers a wide range of voltage, current and frequency signals and connection of PT 100/1000 and thermocouple sensors. All SNAP I/O modules comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer based on high quality of the production.
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PAC Project™ programming tool

OPTO 22 PAC R, PAC S and Groov EPIC can be programmed with software tool PAC control using flowchart diagrams. OptoScript (a C-based scripting language) can be used to program complex applications. PAC control BASIC is available free of charge. PAC Project Professional provides OPTO OPC server and additional programing tools. The package offers also possibility for configuration of redundant Ethernet interfaces, possibility to configure old SNAP and G4 Mistic I/O units and import for old programs written in Opto Control.

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