OPTO 22 presented a new generation of control systems, groov EPIC

Opto 22 presented a new generation of control systems, groov EPIC. Groov EPIC (Edge Programmable Industrial Controller) is a modular control system that combines the characteristics of a modular controller, a display panel and a communication device that allows secure connecting into the IIoT (Industrial Internet of things) network. The IIoT technology represents a revolution in connecting systems in automation, as it enables the direct safe exchange of a large amount of data between industrial systems and the IoT information infrastructure through the internet.

The basis of the groov EPIC control system is a powerful quad core processor with two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and two USB interfaces for serial communication. The processor is extended by a high-resolution touchscreen that can function as a display panel or a system diagnostics display. An additional HDMI output allows the direct connection of an additional external display.

The controllers are programmed by means of the PAC control software with flow diagrams and provide support for script language for more complex applications. The support for the IEC 61131 software system is planned and will be available later. Connectivity with other automation systems is provided by the Ignition Edge and OPC UA technology that is integrated in groov Edge; connectivity with cloud-based IT systems is possible with the Node-RED software environment and the MQTT/Sparkplug protocol.

The controller base is made of stainless steel and can accept up to 16 input-output modules in addition to the charger and processor. At the presentation of the controller Opto 22 provided a complete set of input/output modules with a signal density of up to 24 points. The modules allow a HOT swap exchange during operation, and the 20-bit resolution of the analogue modules ensures high measurement precision. The robust design of the control system allows operation in the temperature range between -20 and 70 degrees Celsius.

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