Solcon soft starters are designed for smooth continuous start and stop of induction motors what significantly reducing start-up current and network disruption. By controlling the start and stop, we can fine-tune the motor and load to prevent mechanical overloads, such as water shocks, excessive belt tension, and excessive torque on couplings and shafts. Solcon's soft starters also work flawlessly in unstable power grids, making them suitable for use in mines, shipbuilding, plumbing and industry.


iStart is the latest and most advanced Solcon digital soft starter, with integrated bypass contactor and three phase control. Compact and versatile units incorporate the most sophisticated start and stop features to provide the best solutions for a wide variety of applications. An extensive range of motor protections, however, enables long-term and reliable operation.
  • Range 17-960A, 208-690V,
  • state-of-the-art communication protocols,
  • multilingual operating system,
  • Real-time processes, on-line 99 events or fault logs (also for I and U),
  • optimiziran za zagon visoko učinkovitih motorjev (IE3),
  • optimized for starting high performance engines (IE3),
  • the possibility of starting in 2 phase mode in case of an error in one of the phases (the latter is short-circuited),
  • option to add cooling fan to increase capacity (sizes A, B, C),
  • basic, professional and expert setup menus,
  • user-configurable measurement and monitoring of 3-phase voltages and currents and power factor,
  • automatic restart for selected failures - "Auto reset",
  • 3 thermistor inputs are available,
  • automatic frequency adjustment of 45-65 Hz,
  • In-line and in-line connection,
  • universal control voltage 110-220 V AC / DC (sizes A, B, C),
  • 3. current transformers.
Typical application:
  • pumps of all kinds,
  • compressors and refrigerators,
  • conveyor belts,
  • mixers,
  • fans and centrifuges,
  • hydraulic systems, ,
  • start-up with a weak power source.
iSTart, Solconov digitalni mehki zagon
Analogni miniaturni mehki zagon Solstart Solcon


Miniature analog soft start for less demanding loads such as fans and water pumps up to 37 kW.
  • Range 8-58A, 230-600V,
  • two-phase integrated by-pass control,
  • start / stop with voltage-free contact,
  • relay output at the end of acceleration (models 31-58A),
  • compact design, kompaktna izvedba,
  • DIN rail mounting (optional over 31A), ),
  • no. starts per hour max. 10,
  • by-pass contactor.

RVS-DN 1000V and 1200V

Special design of RVS-DN 150-900kW, 105 – 820A / 1000V.
It was developed for the needs of the mining industry with the following characteristics:
  • unique insulation between the control and power parts,
  • unique insulation between the control and power parts,
  • master - slave applications to drive multi-engine transport systems,
  • auto-reset function increases the availability of the device,
  • three output relays,
  • thermistor input,
  • analog output,
  • RS 485 with MODBUS RTU or MODBUS Plus protocol.
  • User-friendly keyboard for precise settings,
  • LED signaling,
  • LCD screen for easy troubleshooting,
  • performance statistics,
  • motor protection,
  • possibility of operating with the diesel generator unit.
RVS-DN 1000V in 1200V Solcon
RVS-DN digitalni mehki zagon


Digital soft starter with advanced motor protection for starting the heaviest drives such as mills, rotary kilns and large drives for a power range of 4kW to 3000kW.
  • wide range of application: 8 - 3500A, 230 - 690V,
  • robust construction,
  • superior start and stop capabilities,
  • full motor protection,
  • setting parameters via the menu,
  • maximum operating temperatures up to 60 ° C,
  • LCD and keyboard,
  • LED signaling,
  • full choice of options,
  • control of insulation strength of cables and motor,
  • Modbus / Profibus / TCP-IP communication,
  • Thermistor input / analog output.
Typical application:
  • pumps of all kinds,
  • fans, centrifuges,
  • compressors and refrigerators,
  • hydraulic systems,
  • conveyor belts,
  • all types of mills and crushers,
  • rotary kilns.


DriveStart is one of the first soft starters with medium voltage IGBT technology tailored for applications requiring low starting currents and / or high starting torque. The cutting-edge design ensures cost, energy and space savings while meeting the high demands of individual applications.
Typical application:
  • pumps of all kinds,
  • fans, blowers and centrifuges,
  • conveyor belts,
  • hydraulic systems,
  • all types of mills and crushers,
  • compressors and refrigerators,
  • mixers.
DriveStart mehki zagon
HRVS-DN digitalni mehki zagon za srednjo napetost


It was developed for the needs of the mining industry with the following characteristics:
Razvit je bil za potrebe rudarske industrije z lastnostmi:
  • 1500-15000V range, from 30kW to 60000kW,
  • rated motor current 30 - 30000 A,
  • the most advanced technology (patent protected),
  • full use of optical fibres for thyristor ignition and measurements,
  • robust construction,
  • unique ability to start and stop drives,
  • complete protection of the engine and apparatus,
  • setting parameters via menus,
  • special program for starting with a diesel generator,
  • maximum operating temperature: 50 ° C,
  • test is possible with a conventional 400 VAC motor,
  • typical applications: positioning, reversing the drive lock, drive maintenance,
  • energy Save mode,
  • reduction of output voltage in case of low drive load,
  • reduces the magnetic field strength and thus the current and so improves the secos Φ factor.
Typical application:
  • unladen piston compressors,
  • pumps of all kinds,
  • fans, blowers, centrifuges,
  • compressors and refrigerators,
  • hydraulic systems,
  • conveyor belts,
  • all types of mills and crushers,
  • rotary kilns.

Solbrake (SMB)

One-way brake for quick and soft braking of three-phase motors from 4kW to 315kW without the use of mechanical brakes.
  • range of application 10 - 460 A, 230 - 690V,
  • no mechanical wear as with conventional mechanical brakes,
  • reduced braking time with high inertia,
  • adjustable braking time,
  • automatic operation,
  • increased security of personnel and equipment,
  • easy assembly and adjustment of operation.
Typical application:
  • machine tools,
  • no mechanical wear as with conventional mechanical brakes,
  • circular and band saws,
  • fast stopping of high inertia loads.
DriveStart in dva iStart digitalna mehka zagona
MPS-6 kompaktna digitalna zaščita pogonov


Compact digital actuator protection allows all three phases to be controlled, to sum up the currents, effectively protecting the actuator against overload, excessive temperature, adverse changes in power supply and control or regulation errors.
  • Advanced microprocessor technology,
  • True RMS measurement with a period of 0.5 mSec,
  • Display of current operating parameters of engine operation and history errors,
  • Time to trip alert,
  • Programmable inputs and outputs,
  • RS-485 communication (Modbus) for parameter setting, operation and control,
  • Compact design, easy installation,
  • MPR-6/3 provides the following programmable security features with dual setting (alarm and deadlock) and adjustable time delay,
  • Startup time too long,
  • Max. number of starts per time unit,
  • Overload (*),
  • Increase in load,
  • Overload,
  • Short circuit protection (*),
  • Thermal capacity level (*),
  • Difference between streams (*),
  • Error of sum of flows (*),
  • Flow instability,
  • Drive temperature too high PTC / NTC thermistor (*),
  • 2 external faults (NO / NC contact). *Double setting
Typical application:
  • Medium drives for low voltage,
  • Small drives for medium voltag
  • Particularly suitable for drives in the process industry,
  • Critical drives that require special protection and control.

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