Emerson is one of the leading providers of automation solutions. Its production range covers complete pallet of products from compact PLCs , modular PLCs , intelligent display panels, robust PCs to redundant high availability systems.


PACSystems (Programmable Automation Controllers) represents most advanced approach in controller development. Using the same operation system in different controllers allows user to develop application with singe PAC Machine Edition software tool. Developed application can be used on different controller platforms according to application requirements. This allowed optimal system configuration based on user needs. If demands in application are changed, migration between different controller platforms can be done easily. Also upgrading the controller hardware (new CPU module) is easy , because application is portable due to the same processor operating system. This allows user to update the control systems easily and cost effective and gives user guarantee of a long term system functionality.
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The RX3i controller family is based on a high performance PCI bus and Intel processors with up to 64 MB of operating memory. It also has a variety of input – output modules with hot swap capability. With new RX3i processors old series 90-30 controllers can be easily upgraded , while all existing I/O modules stays in the system, so no additional wiring is required for conversion. Controllers are also available in a redundant (Hot Standby) configuration.


The RSTi-EP CPE100 is a compact standalone unit which has a variety of communication capabilities. Four integrated Ethernet interfaces provide versatile connectivity. Powerful processor in combination with Ethernet I/O Versamax or RSTi-EP I/O modules is appropriate as low cost distributed control system.
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The VersaMax series of modular controllers incorporates an innovative design that allows VersaMax system to be used as a programmable logic controller (with CPU) or as a universal I/O unit in distributed control systems. Each VersaMax system can accommodate up to 64 input-output modules and control up to 2048 I/O points. Modules also have hot swap possibility. A wide range of I/O modules is available with density up to 32 I/O points. By using different sockets User can also choose between bases with different types of terminal blocks.

VersaMax Nano/Micro

VersaMax Nano/Micro controllers are affordable small sized systems for low-end applications. There are several models available with different options for connecting up to 64 I/O signals. The basic controller can be expanded with up to four additional I/O units into 140 I/O signals system. Built in RS232/RS485 and Ethernet interface also allows connection of controller to a SCADA system.
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The RSTi-EP is a family of small-sized distributed I/O units. They are suitable for applications with lower I/O signal density, where users have limited space for mounting and require robust system to be able to operate in environment with wide temperature range. Interfaces for Profinet, Profibus and Modbus TCP are available, as well as wide range of I/O modules for different signal types.


PACSytems RXi2 is a compact, high performance family of industrial computers for the most demanding users. Due to their robust design, they are suitable for SCADA and Historian applications in harsh industrial environments. Patented passive cooling technology provides smooth operation of the systems even at high ambient temperatures. Because of COM Express process boards the systems are robust and vibration resistant. IPC computers are available in various configurations tailored to customer needs. .
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RXi – Panel PC

The RXi - Panel PC has modular design and can be delivered in configurations as standalone PC panel, web HMI panel, or industrial monitor, which allows customer to choose the most cost-effective system based on user requirements. All RXi systems are robustly designed for use in the demanding industrial environment and can operate in the temperature range -20 oC to + 65 oC. The front of the panel is made of reinforced scratch and impact resistant glass. The user can choose from panel dimensions of 7 to 24 inches. Outdoor Sunlight Readable (SLR) versions are also available.


QuickPanel+ integrates process control, view, and an option to run embedded data historian to improve real-time control and simplify integration into plant-wide systems. QuickPanel+ is available in the range from 6 to 15 inch and has IP65 protected colour touch system. It can be also used as control unit for distributed VersaMax or RSTi-EP I/O units.
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PAC Machine Edition

Pac Machine Edition is an integrated environment for application development. It combines different software modules for PLC and distributed I/O programming, soft PLC programming, and module for visualization. The basic software module (Logic developer PLC) also enables configuration of different communication interfaces for Ethernet, Profibus DP, Profinet, Modbus, Device Net and Genius. Pac Machine Edition complies with IEC61131-3 standard. Due to integrated extensive interactive Help and unified graphical interface even unexperienced users can start making application programs very quickly.

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